gridtwin for Utilities

Renewable Interconnection Simplified.

Encourage Development

Use gridtwin to promote renewable development in the areas where it's needed most. Efficiently deployed DERs translates to lower cost for your customers.

Simplify Hosting Capacity

Simplify hosting capacity maps with gridtwin software to give developers information on interconnection and wait times.

Understand Impact

Use gridtwin software to analyze the impact of thousands of DERs ranging from PV, storage, and EVs.

Streamline Interconnection. Invest for the Future.

Gridtwin was designed to streamline the interconnection process for distributed energy. Utilities use gridtwin to give renewable developers the information they need to build efficiently. By providing the models and tools to estimate interconnection cost, utilities reduce requests for information, eliminate speculative interconnection applications, and improve the customer experience.

Gridtwin's platform approach allows utilities to see where developers want to build and simulate the connection of thousands of assets to the network. Gridtwin's advanced analytics engine gives utilities needed information on where to invest capital efficiently.