Renewable Interconnection Simplified.

For Energy Developers

Gridtwin provides a software platform to identify cost-effective sites for distributed generation and estimates interconnection cost.

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For Utilities

Gridtwin provides automated software for interconnection studies, reducing the pipeline of interconnection applications and the associated expense.

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For Grid Planning

Gridtwin allows distribution planners to invest efficiently in grid infrastructure by understanding the long-term impact of DERs.

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Creating the path towards a smarter, more sustainable grid

Gridtwin software allows developers, utilites, and planners to interact with the local distribution network and simulate interconnection of solar PV, storage, and other distributed generation projects to the utility distribution network.

This platform provides transparency and information on the continuously evolving distribution network, ensuring that interconnections for new generation projects are completed quickly, and efficiently.

About Gridtwin

Gridtwin is a SaaS-based company providing software tools to both energy developers and utilities to streamline the interconnection process.

Gridtwin was founded by researchers and graduates from the MIT Energy Initiative who were passionate about modernizing the electricity network and developing tools to facilitate that process.

Gridtwin is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information,