gridtwin for Developers

Renewable Interconnection Simplified.

Enter New Markets

Gridtwin software captures the local nuances of the distribution system so that developers can focus more time on building sites and less time on understanding regulation.

Identify Sites

Gridtwin provides a software platform to identify cost-effective sites for distributed generation and estimates interconnection cost.

Simulate Interconnection

Gridtwin software simulates the interconnection of your project to the local distribution network and calculates the cost of required network upgrades.

Find Sites. Predict Interconnection Costs.

Gridtwin software allows developers to quickly find potential sites that meet your development criteria. Quickly perform searches across a database of all state parcels to find sites with low interconnection cost, adequate sizing, and favorable local regulations.

Once you've identified a site, use our platform to simulate interconnection of your project. Quickly understand the impact of your project on the local distribution network. If network upgrades are required, gridtwin estimates the upgrades and cost required to ensure reliable operation of the network.